CJ Wilson Will Undergo Minor Elbow Surgery

By gilgerard

CJ Wilson was signed by the Los Angeles Angels during the offseason to be a major piece of the best rotation in baseball. We all saw how that worked out right? Well, maybe this will explain Wilson’s average season. Wilson will be undergoing arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove bone chips from his pitching elbow. It’s an injury he said he’s battled since the all star break, but pitched through it for the good of the team. Hmm. I wonder if the Texas Rangers saw this coming?

Interesting move but a needed one. Bone chips are very painful in the back of the elbow, especially when you want to throw a fastball. I give him credit for sucking it up and finishing the year because it is a few months in terms of rehab. The bad thing about this is? CJ Wilson has bad mechanics and frankly- this COULD be the start of some bigger issues for Wilson. The Angels gave him 5 years at 70 million so they’re on the hook if Wilson does turn into a major injury risk, and who knows what could happen there.

If CJ Wilson gets healthy and avoids injury, I expect him to come back strong. I think he’s got good stuff so I hope for his sake- he does come back strong. I hate hearing about pitchers getting hurt, but that’s what the game is about unfortunately. Throwing a baseball is not a natural thing and the torque put on the arm is definitely crazy. I’m glad he’s getting this taken care of and I hope the doctors don’t find anything else wrong

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