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MLB Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera: A Tiger Is About To Be Loose

Jesse Johnson-US Presswire

There are accomplishments in baseball that are hard to repeat. One of those is the chase for the Triple Crown. The last time someone was awarded the Triple Crown was in 1967 and that was Carl Yastrzemski. Now, in 2012, history might finally repeat itself with Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers.  

To win the Triple Crown in baseball, the player must lead in three categories in their league. Cabrera has all three leads with six games left to go. His batting average is .329, RBI’s are at 137 and his home runs are 44. I believe barring, a major slump, he has locked batting average and RBI’s. The home run category is the category which should worry Cabrera. He is only ahead of Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers by one home run.

If Cabrera wins the Triple Crown, he should also win the MVP just like Yastrzemski did in 1967. Without Cabrera, the Tigers wouldn’t have had a chance to win the Central Division. My colleague Paul Mroczka has a great description of the pennant race that Yastrzemski helped the Boston Red Sox win in 1967.

Since this is such a rare accomplishment , and I wasn’t alive in 1967, I decided to ask someone who was and remembers the run in 1967. That person is my dad. I asked my dad what he thought of this accomplishment and if he could compare it to Yastrzemski’ My dad agreed that it was a great accomplishment and mentioned that he believes that Cabrera should win the MVP even if he doesn’t win the Triple Crown. He said that Cabrera’s play “shows how consistent of a season Cabrera has been having.” The Tigers wouldn’t have been able to compete with the White Sox without his performance.”

However, my dad did say something interesting. He said, “I think that this accomplishment means more for younger fans than older ones.” My dad believes that because for young fans of baseball it is something that might not be repeated for a long time.  When you think about it, the last Triple Crown was in 1967. So could it happen in my lifetime again? I highly doubt it.

My dad further, made a great point that perhaps the Chicago White Sox would have a Triple Crown winner. In 2008, Cabrera was a free agent. Ozzie Guillen is a known friend of Cabrera, thus, giving the White Sox an upper hand in signing him. The White Sox didn’t want to pay the money and instead Cabrera went to the Tigers for eight years. Now he is on the verge of winning the Triple Crown and the MVP. He has also become a White Sox killer.

If Cabrera wins the Triple Crown it will be a huge accomplishment that I will be talking about with my own children one day. Just think, in my lifetime I have already seen so many baseball accomplishments I could share with them. The White Sox winning the World Series in 2005, Carl Ripken Jr breaking Lou Gehrig’s consecutive games played streak, and now, a potential Triple Crown winner.

For the benefit of baseball, I’m cheering for this to happen. As my dad said it’s a huge accomplishment. This might be the closest anyone will get to the Triple Crown and I hope Cabrera is the one that actually makes it happen. It certainly, for me, will be a memory of a lifetime.