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MLB Awards: Gio Gonzalez is the NL Cy Young

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Gio Gonzalez was traded by the Oakland A’s to the Washington Nationals this offseason for prospects. Gio Gonzalez was traded twice by the Chicago White Sox. In all instances, I’ve questioned the team that traded this kid and now, it finally pays off.

Gio Gonzalez became the staple in the rotation this year for the Nationals and played a monster part in their divisional title. MLB Awards will start coming out soon, and Gio Gonzalez IS the NL Cy Young- hands down.

For as good as RA Dickey was this year, Gonzalez was better. He’s the ace of a playoff team and unless Dickey won 28 games this year, he’s not the Cy.

Gonzalez won 20 games, struck out 200 plus, and had a strong ERA. He dominated right and left handers alike in a good division. What else can you ask for?

Look, I know everyone wants to give Dickey this, but it can’t happen. The Nationals winning the division is volume here and has to factor into the decision. I don’t want to take anything away from Dickey but the New York Mets didn’t have a very solid year so he has to pay for that a little bit. It’s unfortunate but that’s “life in the NFL” so to speak.

All in all, Gonzalez was exactly what the Nationals had traded for. Even if he somehow doesn’t win the Cy Young, the Nationals have a chance at a World Series and that’s more than what the Mets can play for now.

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