MLB Playoffs: The Nail Is Finally Hammered In The Coffin

By Evan Crum
David Richard-US Presswire


That fat lady that I was talking about that was on stage at the Chicago Opera House finally sang last night. Even though the Chicago White Sox won 11-0 against the Cleveland Indians they were still eliminated from contention. The Detroit Tigers beat the Kansas City Royals, 6-3, giving the Tigers their first back to back playoff appearance since the 1930’s.

So now what? What do White Sox players even have to look forward to? They still have two games left against the Indians, with nothing to play for. I know that it will be difficult for players to be excited for these last two games.

Adam Dunn, I’m sure would love to finish the season with a batting average above .200 and he is currently at .206. Paul Konerko is at .299 and although I’m sure he would like to finish the season at .300, he most likely will sit these next two games. Konerko is going to have surgery on his wrist in the off season. He deserves the time off and there is no reason he should even play these next two games.

That means that Dan Johnson can play and White Sox coaches can see if he fits in next year. Tyler Flowers can get some playing time finally. This will help him for next year since he is most likely going to be the starting catcher. Jordan Danks can also get some playing time as well to see if he can contribute next season.

It will be a long off season for White Sox fans and there is blame to go around for the White Sox collapsing down the stretch. It isn’t all on the players, but we shall get into that at a later time. What can you look forward too during the off season from me?

I will first talk about the free agents that the White Sox have and whether the White Sox will re-sign them. I will also look over the starting roster and evaluate how they performed.

All of that can happen at a later date though. The White Sox still have two games left and while they aren’t important to White Sox fans anymore, they are important to the young players. These last two games can make a lasting impression on a young coaching staff.

So here is too young talent because once again it will be another October without playoff baseball in Chicago.

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