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The Chicago Cubs Need To Hire Terry Francona

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The Chicago Cubs need to fire Dale Sveum. I don’t really care that he had no talent to work with, and I don’t really care for how he managed the talent he did have. I thought he was incredibly mediocre and there’s a price to be paid. With that being said, there’s a manager out there that understands what the Cubs are doing and can really help the process along. Terry Francona needs to be hired by the Chicago Cubs to manage this ball club.

Terry Francona was shamefully ran out of Boston by it’s media and fans that turned on him. The Boston Red Sox were spoiled by this guy and you know what? They paid for their decision big time this year with Bobby Valentine. Is Francona perfect? No. Did he give too much leeway? Maybe. But I’ll tell you what- there aren’t many guys around that can handle a veteran while teaching rookies at the same time. Terry Francona can do that.

The Cleveland Indians are high on Francona’s list of teams and will interview for the job. I would be shocked if the Indians don’t offer him the job on the spot, and I guess I have crazy hopes Theo Epstein will bring back the manager that made him successful. I would love to see Francona teach Starlin Castro instead of ripping him in the media. I would love to see Francona be a guy veterans want to come in and play for. I want to see him help Anthony Rizzo become a better overall hitter with a better knowledge of the strike zone.

Terry Francona would be huge for the Cubs. I just wish they saw Sveum for what he is. A bad field and personality manager.

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