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Top 5 Reasons Miguel Cabrera Will Be Crowned AL MVP

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Top 5 Reasons Miguel Cabrera Will Be Crowned AL MVP

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The Detroit Tigers are the first American League team to clinch their division and thus are now one of five teams playing for a chance at an AL pennant and a World Series title. Third baseman Miguel Cabrera is one of the top reasons why the Tigers are in the position they are and he deserves to be recognized for it.

Cabrera has the deadliest bat in all of baseball and is one of those hitters no pitcher wants to face in any circumstance. There is no question he is going to wreak havoc on AL pitchers in the postseason, as players will have nightmares for weeks after he is through with them. The one-two punch of him and Prince Fielder in the lineup will overwhelm even the top pitching staffs when the pressure is on.

Many people are saying just because Cabrera is in line to record the first Triple Crown since Carl Yastrzemski did it for the Boston Red Sox in 1967, does not mean he automatically deserves to be named Most Valuable Player. Well, I am here to tell you that is simply wrong in so many ways.

Cabrera could possibly accomplish one of the rarest feats in all sports. A Triple Crown is something we have not had the luxury of witnessing in 45 years. Yastrzemski’s name has been etched in the history books and there is a good chance Cabrera’s name will be as well. Baseball is all about history, which means it would be a catastrophe not to give the best player in the league the most prized award. The following slides are the top five reasons Triple Crown hopeful Cabrera will be named the AL MVP.

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#5 Strong Month of September

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Cabrera has 10 home runs, 27 RBIs, 13 walks, six doubles, and is batting .308 with a 1.032 OPS in the month of September. Considering the Tigers have been in a playoff race, these are very impressive numbers. Cabrera has been at it all season long but when his team really needed him, he buckled down and did what needed to be done for Detroit to be successful.

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#4 Cabrera Switched Positions

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What many people fail to remember is Cabrera switched positions before the start of the season. When Detroit acquired Fielder via free agency, Cabrera was asked to switch to third base to accommodate the former Milwaukee Brewers slugger. He started out a bit rusty but has only committed 13 errors in 379 total chances for a .966 fielding percentage.

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#3 Detroit Tigers Won AL Central

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As I have already stated, the Tigers are the first AL team to clinch their division. It goes without saying the only reason this is possible is because of Cabrera’s outstanding performance this season. There is no question the team would still be fighting for their postseason lives if Cabrera had not stepped up in clutch situations throughout the year.

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#2 Trout is Good, Cabrera is Better


AL MVP front runner Mike Trout has put up some very impressive numbers in his rookie season. Trout leads the league in runs (127) and stolen bases (48). It should be noted he has only been caught stealing four times and his impressive 30/40 season could very well become a 30/50 season. His 25 doubles, 30 home runs, 80 RBIs, and .321 batting average all have the symptoms of a MVP season. At the very least, he will win Rookie of the Year with ease. Unfortunately, Cabrera is still the clear cut MVP candidate.

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#1 Triple Crown

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This is the only reason worth arguing. Cabrera has the Triple Crown in his grasp and is two games away from completing the rare feat. His 44 home runs, 137 RBIs, and .329 batting average says it all. Cabrera has a one home run lead over Josh Hamilton in the only category that is a legitimate threat to him. Otherwise, he has a 10 RBI lead over Hamilton and a .007 advantage over Joe Mauer in the batting average category. People can say what they want but when it all comes down to it, the Triple Crown is what will win Cabrera the AL MVP Award.