Are The Washington Nationals a dynasty?

By Emily Gruver
Bryce Harper champaign

Just a few nights ago, I was watching the Philadelphia Phillies pregame show, and the anchor was asking the Phillies analyst if he thought the Washington Nationals are a dynasty. After thinking about the question for a moment or two, I came to realize that the Nationals could definitely be a dynasty. It might be too early to make this statement, but looking at their roster, what they did this season, and where they are now, the Nationals just might be a dynasty.

The  Nationals finished this 2012 regular season clinching the NL East, ending the Phillies’ streak of five straight division titles, and finishing with the best record in the National League at 98-64. This was a phenomenal season for this young and talented team.

They are the beasts of the east.

Looking at the Nationals’ roster, something that has to stand out is the ages of each player. Almost all of the players are at the age of 30 or under. The Nationals average age is 28. Some notable stars that are under the age of 30 include rookie Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, Ian Desmond and a guy they call their captain who is only 28, Ryan Zimmerman. This season, Gonzalez is in the mix for the NL Cy Young Award and Harper looks to be the NL Rookie of the Year. If all of these guys are performing at this outstanding caliber already at such a young age and can continue these incredible performances, I think the Nationals should definitely be considered a dynasty.

As both the Atlanta Braves and Phillies are aging, the Nationals are a young team rising.

If the Nationals can continue this National League dominance for seasons to come, there’s no doubt they will soon be considered a dynasty by all of the baseball world.

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