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Miguel Cabrera Could Be Wearing The Triple Crown Tonight



Pick the Triple Crown winners out of the following list:  Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt, Rod Carew, Willie McCovey, Eddie Murray.

.342 career batting average, 4,256 hits, 755 home runs, 2,297 RBIs, 25 All Star appearances; There are a lot of records in that list of names.  There is a lot of raw, natural hitting talent.

By the way, that was a trick question.  Perhaps to your surprise, none of those men have ever won the Triple Crown.

It’s hard to believe, as that list includes some of the top hitters that baseball has ever seen, but it’s true.  None of those men listed have ever led the league in batting average, home runs, and RBIs simultaneously.

The last man to do so was Carl Yastrzemkski in 1967, but tonight Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers has the chance to become the first player in 45 years to do it again.

Cabrera leads Mike Trout by .007 points in batting average, leads Josh Hamilton (who has already played today) in home runs by just one, and ran away with RBIs, in which he has a commanding lead of 11 before the start of tonight’s game.

So pending a 0-4 game for Cabrera and a 4-4 night for Trout, Miguel will make history tonight.

I hope he does it.  I hope this is a resurgence of natural hitting talent in MLB.  Holding the lead of these three categories is a clear display of patience, consistency, and ability.  Those are things a lot of players don’t have these days.


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