Miguel Cabrera Wins The Triple Crown; First Winner Since 1967

By Riley Schmitt

Miguel Cabrera took a spot in the history books on Wednesday night as the Detroit Tigers star became the first Triple Crown winner in baseball since 1967. His pursuit of the award almost snuck up on people but he has been under the microscope the last two weeks or so. However, nothing could stop him from leading the league in batting average (.330), home runs (44), and RBIs (139)

Cabrera has had an amazing year, but there is still one award battle that he hopes to win.  The race for the MVP is going to come down to the wire and it will pit two sides of baseball against each other.  In one corner, you have Cabrera and the traditional fans.  In the other corner, we have the new school fans with their chosen candidate Mike Trout.  Both are worthy, but will the Triple Crown push Miggy over the top?

See, I think Miggy is going to win the award, although I do not believe he should.  Trout’s WAR is absolutely mind-blowing, but not a lot of people understand that.  It factors in every aspect of the game, while Miggy’s standard line does not.  Don’t get me wrong because Miggy has been great, but Trout has been better.  Remember, Trout missed almost all of April too.  He is going to have a top five WAR season of all time, which is what we can’t say for Miggy.

Then again, that debate is for another time and another writer.  For now, let us congratulate Miguel Cabrera on winning the Triple Crown.

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