MLB Rumors: Alfonso Soriano To Leave Chicago Cubs

By Jeff Gray
Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

MLB Rumors are kicking into gear on this, the last day of the season.  There are rumors already flying as to who will be traded, where will the free agents go, who will be the new manager, can they re-sign him, etc.  So it is with the mlb rumors and Alfonso Soriano and the Chicago Cubs.  The aging left fielder for the young and rebuilding Cubs doesn’t appear to fit in with their plans on rebuilding.  It is a lucky thing for the Cubs that Soriano just completed one of his best years as a Cub.  Because of his age and the position the Cubs are in and the fact that Soriano produced so well, now appears to be the time for him to be traded.  The Chicago Tribune reported Cubs GM Jed Hoyer as saying “(The interest in Soriano is) as high as it can be.  Those kind of things are all (dependent ) on what you’re getting back and all those kind of things. The replacement value of that is very difficult to find.”

Soriano is always an adventure in the field (but in Wrigley that’s true a lot) but replacing Soriano’s numbers at the plate will be hard to come by. Soriano hit .262, drove in 108 runs and had 32 HR.  He was, by far, the most productive Cub this year.  That productivity will most certainly make a lot of teams interested in the services of Soriano.  I wouldn’t be surprised, given his play in the field and age, if an AL team or two are big players in trading for the 36 year-old’s services as a DH.

As with all mlb rumors we will have to wait and see how things shake out, but it is fun to speculate as to what will happen and when.

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