R.A. Dickey Reveals He's Been Injured During His Entire Amazin' Season

By lauraludlum
Anthony Grupusso-US PRESSWIRE


After pitching his last game of the season, a game in which he earned a no decision, it was revealed that New York Mets pitching ace, R.A. Dickey, has been pitching while injured all season long.

The 2012 Cy Young candidate has a torn abdominal muscle, and is scheduled to have surgery October 18.

I love R.A. Dickey more than anyone in baseball right now.  I teared up as I watched, in person, during his post-game interview, and have been watching every move he makes.

This news is disheartening.  I don’t consider it outstanding, courageous, or noble by any stretch of the imagination.  The bottom line is the Mets, and Dickey, got lucky.

It almost takes a little bit away from the season for me.  Maybe it’s because I feel so horrible that we, as fans, expected so much from R.A. every time he got on the mound, and all this time while he was doing it, he was in pain.  Maybe it’s because I want to slap him and the Mets for letting him pitch all season long, sometimes on short rest, or even to make a relief appearance knowing that he was injured.

I understand why he did it.  I’m stubborn, too.  But at what point does a franchise need to step in and say, “No, you’re not pitching, you need to take care of yourself first.”  In hindsight I definitelyn recall Dickey kind of stretching, moving from side to side at times, and grimacing at times.  I just can’t fathom keeping someone on the mound when you know, and see, that he is in pain.

Yes, had a great season, and we all took part in an amazing journey while watching R.A. do what he did, but for some reason this taints it a little bit for me.

I’m sure I’ll get over it when he wins the Cy Young award.

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