Washington Nationals: Teddy Wins! Will it Start Trend?

By Timothy Holland

Teddy finally wins a Presidents Race and the Washington Nationals immediately rally. Will this become a trend? The 2002 Anaheim Angels had the rally monkey. Maybe the 2012 Nationals will have the Teddy victory.

The Presidents Race has been a staple at Washington home games since the team arrived in 2005. It was first done on video then by real mascots beginning in 2006. For eight years Teddy had lost every one. Until this season the Nationals had lost with him as they never had a winning record. In 2012 Washington won the National League East and many began to ask that Teddy win too.

Today he did. With the help of a Philly Phanatic knockoff who took out the other three presidents, Teddy came from behind to get the victory just before the bottom of the fourth. At the time the Nationals trailed Cliff Lee and the Philadelphia Phillies 1-0.

Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman who has seen Teddy lose for seven years, led off the inning. He drove a Lee fastball the opposite way to right field for a solo home run. Outfielder Michael Morse followed with a double to right center. Tyler Moore gave Washington the lead with a double down the left field line. Just like that it was 2-1.

Moore added a solo home run in the sixth to give the Nationals a 3-1. Morse hammered a two run shot in the eighth which led to a curtain call. With the score 5-1 the only thing left was for Michael Gonzalez to pitch the ninth and send the Phillies home.

With the victory Washington finished 98-64 and in first place in the NL. This means that they will have home field throughout the post season.

Will the victory by Teddy and the Nationals start a trend? Will Washington use Teddy to win a race whenever a rally is needed in the post season? Everyone knows that baseball teams and players are superstitious. If something works once they will keep doing it. This was the case with Anaheim’s rally monkey which supposedly helped carry them to a World Series victory.

Whether Teddy wins again is for those at Nats Park to decide. The team can’t worry about that. But everyone will point to the day Teddy won the Presidents Race and how it sparked a Nationals rally.

If he finishes undefeated it will be a worthwhile 1-0.

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