Bobby Valentine Fired By Boston Red Sox

By Riley Schmitt

In the least surprising news ever, the Boston Red Sox have fired Bobby Valentine after just one season as the team’s manager. Nothing seemed to go right for the team and it looked like it was just a bad fit with the team. Nothing good came out of this, except laughter at the expense of Boston.


I would say that Valentine is probably done as a major league manager. Let him stick to TV and excel there. His managing work just does not work these days for whatever reason. Maybe it was the wrong fit in Boston but it was just ugly the entire time. At no point did anyone think this hire would work. Everyone questioned it but whatever I guess.

Hopefully the Red Sox do not fail in their next managerial search.  The fan base is not happy and they want someone who can help this team contend.  The Sox were by far the worst team in the division and they were one of the highest paid.  Not exactly a good way to win over fans.

The team needs to take a long look in the mirror and decide what they can do to make this team fun to watch again.  They have dumped a lot of salary and they might need to dump more.  Burn it all to the ground and start from scratch with some young kids.  It might take a bit to contend, but at least it’d be a clear plan.

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