Chicago White Sox: If You Win They Apparently Won't Come

By Evan Crum
Jerry Lai-US Presswire


Where were Chicago White Sox fans this season? This has been a question that has been plaguing the White Sox this whole season. This year the White Sox were ranked 24th out of 30 teams for attendance. This is disgraceful for a team that is in a major market like Chicago.

Look Chicago will always be a Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears city first. However that doesn’t mean that White Sox fans shouldn’t show up to games. Here are some of the typical excuses you get from White Sox fans who don’t go to the games.

“There is nothing to do after the games like in Wrigleyville.” This is a half-truth. In Wrigleyville there are plenty of bars and restaurants around the area. So technically there are more bars to go to after the game. However, the White Sox organization has done what they can. They opened Bacardi at the Park. How far is this bar? It is located right at U.S Cellular Field. So the excuse of “nothing to do after the game” doesn’t hold much weight.

“I can’t spend that much money on a ticket.” This is false. White Sox tickets are affordable compared to other teams. The White Sox organization was selling tickets pretty cheaply against good teams. Let alone the dynamic deals that they offered fans were very affordable. Once again this excuse isn’t viable.

“Kenny Williams insulted me by saying we are rebuilding so I’m not going.” I heard this statement on the radio recently and couldn’t believe it. First of all, Kenny Williams was saying this to prepare White Sox fans if the team did terribly. Instead the White Sox were in first place from July 24th to September 25th.  The team was competitive and isn’t that what White Sox fans are always citing for not going to the ballpark?

I don’t know what else the White Sox organization can do to give White Sox fan’s a better experience at the ballpark. I know firsthand that U.S. Cellular Field is very fan friendly and accommodating.

White Sox fans might not realize it or some might not care, but going to the ballpark helps the team compete and helps players. I believe that having a full stadium can help players compete or at least feel better. I know that it helped with the Chicago Blackhawks. The United Center is selling out every Blackhawks game and that helps the players be confident.

As for helping the organization compete, tickets sales equal revenue. Without proper revenue the White Sox can’t sign big name free agents. They also can’t resign players they might want to resign. This in turn can hurt the team.

I guess I’m just frustrated with the lack of support that the White Sox seem to get from some fans. I also don’t know the solution to the problem. I do know that some of these arguments will have to go away since they don’t make sense.

I’m glad I’m not Kenny Williams who is going to have to fix this issue.

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