Chicago White Sox: Jake's Last Run

By Evan Crum
Gary A Vasquez- US Presswire

On Oct. 2, the Chicago White Sox lost to the Cleveland Indians, but there is more to that story than just the loss. It marked perhaps the last time White Sox fans would see Jake Peavy pitch in a White Sox uniform. Was his tenure in Chicago considered a success?

On July 31, 2009, Peavy was traded from the San Diego Padres to the White Sox. He was traded for Clayton Richard, Aaron Poreda, Adam Russell and Dexter Carter. Out of all those names the one that I feel hurt the Sox the most is trading Richard. Russell, Poreda and Carter haven’t done much of anything in the MLB since then. Meanwhile, Richard has become a fairly consistent pitcher for the Padres organization.

Looking at the trade strictly from a player for player perspective, the White Sox won. Since then, it has been an up and down career for the White Sox, although it wasn’t all his fault. In 2010 he suffered a weird injury where he detached his latissimus dorsi muscle in his back, causing him to miss the rest of the season. This wasn’t Peavy’s fault–it was a freak injury.

In 2011, Peavy decided to push himself and come back to pitch. He was the first pitcher to ever come back from this type of injury and it showed. He only started 18 games that year and even came out of the bullpen once. He finished with a 7-7 record and an ERA of 4.92 and 95 strikeouts, not numbers that you want from a former ace.

2012 was a different story for Peavy.  He showed how great of a pitcher he can be when he’s 100 percent healthy. He was named to an All-Star game and kept the White Sox in games all year. He finished 2012 with an 11-12 record, an ERA of 3.37 and 194 strikeouts. More importantly, he pitched four complete games, saving the White Sox bullpen. This is the highest amount of complete games he has pitched since he was with the Padres in 2005, when he threw three complete games.

The White Sox probably won’t exercise their option with Peavy where they would owe him $22 million. Instead they will buy his contract out, which would only cost the White Sox $4 million. However, that doesn’t mean that the White Sox won’t try and resign Peavy at a cheaper cost.

Peavy has said multiple times that he wants to stay in Chicago and loves the White Sox organization. He has also said many times that he feels bad for the injury and that he owes the White Sox. He might give the White Sox a hometown discount before testing the market. I don’t expect to see Peavy back in a White Sox uniform, but if he is it wouldn’t surprise me.

I may be in the minority by saying I want to see Peavy resigned by the White Sox. I want to see what Peavy can do in 2013 when he is 100 percent healthy again. That freak injury in 2010 set him back for two years. This year showed what he can do when he is 100 percent healthy and not fatigued. He can carry a pitching rotation. Peavy will also give a manager and a team more than 100 percent effort every time he’s on the mound.

Time will tell to see if the White Sox resign Peavy and more than likely Oct. 2 was his final start in a White Sox uniform. It was a tenure marked as an incomplete if he doesn’t pitch for the White Sox again.

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