Final 2012 MLB Power Rankings

By Marc Jenkins
Robinson Cano Leads the Yankees Up the Final Power Rankings and Now Into the Postseason
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The 2012 MLB regular season has now concluded and its time to shift our attention over to what should be a phenomenal postseason, but before we do that let’s take a look at my final Power Rankings for 2012.

1.) New York Yankees (95-67): The Yankees may not have the best overall record in baseball but right now no team is hotter than them and they picked the perfect time to get on a roll; ring number 28 in New York anyone? (Last week #5)

2.) Washington Nationals (98-64): The Nats claimed their first division title, home-field advantage through the NL playoffs and now look to bring home something they never have; a World Series Title. (Last week #1)

3.) Cincinnati Reds (97-65): The Reds had a terrific season and now look to embark on a successful postseason run; they’ve got the pitching, hitting, defense and right coach which makes the perfect championship recipe. (Last week #2)

4.) Oakland A’s (94-68): The AL West champion A’s didn’t take over sole possession of first place in the division until the final day of the season; can they carry this momentum over into the playoffs? (Last week #8)

5.) Baltimore Orioles (93-69): The O’s made things interesting in the AL east race; but now do they have enough left in the tank for the playoffs? (Last week #6)

6.) San Francisco Giants (94-68): The Giants have quietly gone about their business while other teams have received all of the attention; watch National League they know how to win in October! (Last week #4)

7.) Atlanta Braves (94-68): The Braves have had a great season, but just fell short of winning the NL East even though they are still in the playoffs and would love to send Chipper Jones out right by going on a title run. (Last week #7)

8.) Texas Rangers (93-69): The Rangers have just gone through an epic collapse and if it wasn’t for the new Wild Card slot might have not made the postseason; can they bounce back and do something in the playoffs? (Last week #3)

9.) Detroit Tigers (88-74): Miguel Cabrera claimed the first Triple Crown in 45 years and in the process helped the Tigers claim the AL Central and now looks forward to make some noise in the postseason. (Last week #14)

10.) Tampa Bay Rays (90-72): The Rays are the best team in the MLB that failed to make the postseason; it’s not much of a consolation prize but it is the truth. (Last week #10)

11.) Los Angeles Angels (89-73): If Albert Pujols and the Angels didn’t get off to such a slow start maybe they’d being playing postseason baseball? Who says April and May don’t matter? (Last week #9)

12.) St. Louis Cardinals (88-74): Despite losing their manager and best player from a season ago the defending champs are back in the postseason looking to reclaim their title. (Last week #12)

13.) Los Angeles Dodgers (86-76): Money doesn’t always buy happiness or playoff sports; now that the Dodgers know that the $2 billion question is how will they fare in 2013. (Last week #15)

14.) Chicago White Sox (85-77): On September 10th the White Sox had a 3 game lead in the AL Central following that they went 9-13 and wound up losing the division by 3 games. (Last week #13)

15.) Milwaukee Brewers (83-79): The Brewers made a valiant run at the second NL Wild Card slot but came up just short, not bad for a team that lost arguably the best player from a year ago. (Last week #11)

16.) Arizona Diamondbacks (81-81): The D’ Backs tried to make a run at the second NL Wild Card slot but wound up running out of gas during the final two weeks of the year. (Last week #16)

17.) Philadelphia Phillies (81-81): Despite beginning the season in atrocious fashion the veteran Phillies still managed to end the year right at .500. (Last week #17)

18.) Pittsburgh Pirates (79-83): The Pirates failed to notch their first winning season or playoff berth since 1992, but looking forward Pittsburgh has a lot to get excited about it. (Last week #18)

19.) San Diego Padres (76-86): The Padres have a great young roster and if they can add a few pieces in the off-season then nest season could turn into something special for them. (Last week #19)

20.) Seattle Mariners (75-87): The Mariners began to show signs toward the end of the year but the question of their off-season will be if they will keep Felix Hernandez around. (Last week #20)

21.) New York Mets (74-88): New York City‘s little brother once again is looking on the outside of the postseason picture; they have a new stadium and all of the resources but just keep making the wrong moves. (Last week #22)

22.) Kansas City Royals (72-90): The Royals have a competitive young roster and are another team that if they make some solid additions during the off-season could be a handful next season.(Last week #21)

23.) Toronto Blue Jays (73-89): Toronto was able to stay our of the cellar in the AL East again but they have to be tired of finishing fourth in the division; 5 consecutive fourth place finishes. (Last season #24)

24.) Boston Red Sox (69-93): The Red Sox just completed their worst season since 1965 and have already begun to look forward to next year with the firing of Bobby Valentine. (Last week #23)

25.) Cleveland Indians (68-94): The Indians fired Manny Acta last week and have already begun thinking about 2013; the question is who will be their manager interim Sandy Alomar Jr. or someone else? (Last week #27)

26.) Miami Marlins (69-93): The Marlins spending experiment went completely wrong for them this season but now the burning question in South Beach is will Ozzie Guillen return next season. (Last week #25)

27.) Minnesota Twins (66-96): The Twins are coming off of their worst season in over a decade and will need to retool during the off-season to get back in the AL Central race next year. (Last week #26)

28.) Colorado Rockies (64-98): The Rockies were able to hold off and not lose 100 games, good thing for them they will get Troy Tolowitzki back next season. (Last week #29)

29.) Chicago Cubs (61-101): Theo Epstein has  his work cut out for him during this off-season; can he turn around a 100 loss season, he definitely will be expected to.

30.) Houston Astros (55-107): The Astros lost 107 games this season playing in the NL Central; how many will they lose next season in the AL West.

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