The A's Family Dealing With Tragedy Before Winning Their Division

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Rick Osentoski- US PRESSWIRE

The past few weeks have been eventful for the Oakland Athletics. As always during this time of year, emotions run high, things get down to the nitty-gritty and the outcomes weigh in your favor or they don’t.

For the A’s, things weighed in their favor on Wednesday as they rallied to beat the Texas Rangers 12-5, giving them their first AL West division title in six years. While the entire organization was celebrating this triumph, their reliever Pat Neshek had something more important to attend to: the birth of his son.

Neshek left his team on Tuesday to be with his wife during the childbirth. Neshek tweeted with excitement:

What a day, my wife is now in labor! #playoffbaby

Hours later, his wife tweeted a message along with a pic of the new addition to the family:

 It’s a boy Gehrig John Neshek … 8lbs 5 oz, born 10/2/12. Pat flew Oakland to FL just in time for birth!

With no explanation, the Neshek family is now mourning the loss of their son, who died less than 24 hours after his birth.

It is hard to celebrate clinching the playoffs when something like this strikes without warning. Tragedies such as this put life into perspective. The A’s can most definitely commend themselves of what they’ve accomplished this season and begin looking forward to the playoffs, but in certain instances, there are far more important things than the MLB playoffs.

Instead of celebrating the A’s playoff berth and the birth of his son, Neshek is trying to find some answers as he begins to slowly piece his life back together and make sense of this all.


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