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MetsFansRants: 5 Players The New York Mets Need For 2013 and Beyond

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Mets Need to Make Use of Limited Resources

Eric Hartline-US Presswire

The New York Mets have made it very clear the past week or so that they have no intentions of hitting the free agent market in a major way this off-season. With that in mind, it will be very difficult for them to be much better in 2013 than they looked by the end of this season. So where do the Mets go from here? How are they expected to not only compete, but keep fans wanting to pay to fill the seats at Citi Field?

Sandy Alderson has stated that he will entertain offers via trade in order to bring in mid-level outfielders and whatever other help they may need. Realistically, there are only a couple Mets regulars that would bring in any sort of talent that would help the team now.

When other teams come calling, they will be talking about either RHP R.A. Dickey, 1B Ike Davis, RHP Dillon Gee, and of course the top prospect in their system, Zack Wheeler. A couple of things we do know is that Wheeler is not going anywhere. I can also assure you that Gee will be sticking around also, with other teams questioning how he will rebound from injury this year.

If Ike gets traded, where do you replace 30 HRs in your lineup? So what possibly can the Mets afford to do? I know it is a very unpopular decision, but I would take serious looks at what I could get for Dickey. Mets fans, before you close this article and throw your computer through the wall, let me explain. I have been a Mets fan for 30yrs. I love the story that has been Dickey and his resurgence to what should lead to the 2012 CY Young Award. Every fifth day, he has given us hope and a great ride throughout this year.

With that in mind, although I would hate to see him go, it makes the most sense if you want the franchise to be relevant sooner rather than later. Outfield is the main position the team lacks, and there is no better way to solidify it than with Dickey. So as you look through these slides, if I haven't already ticked you off enough to shut me down, understand why I picked these five Mets that will make a difference for 2013 and going forward. Agree or disagree, feel free to rant with me on this topic below.

There is no better target in this league that teams look for than a lightning in a bottle type pitcher that wins twenty games and is a great story to boot. The Mets have been dismal for so long that unless they fortify their needs this off-season, they might not get the chance again. The time is now, and the one area you can afford to part with is starting pitching.

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Wright Should Be Top Priority

Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

If the Mets do not re-sign David Wright, it will be the biggest mistake in their history. Yes, even bigger than letting go of a pitcher named Nolan Ryan. You see, the Mets have never had a franchise player that the fan base has loved so much, and has actually produced. Wright offers the club and the fans the security that he is ours.

Alderson and the Wilpons must realize how much Wright means to this team, and I do believe they will get a deal done. The all-time leading hitter for the Mets should be able to give another quality six years that will allow him to retire as the only Metropolitan to come up from their farm system and retire in the orange and blue. A commitment to Wright would signal a change in direction for the poorly managed Mets.

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Want Power? I Like Ike

Brad Mills-US Presswire

The Mets have lacked power on their club for a couple years since the opening of Citi Field. They have never in their history had a first baseman that can be a gold glover and hit 30 or more HRs. So why mess with a good thing, right? This is the Mets, however, and any reason to screw this up, they will find a way.

Even if they use Ike to get a quality outfielder, is anyone sure that Lucas Duda can be an adequate replacement in the field and at the plate. He may hit 20HR, but his fielding is nowhere close to Ike's. Keep Ike and Wright, and even with Daniel Murphy at second, your infield is set for a few years.

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Shoppach a No-Brainer

Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

Here is where I would understand if you killed me for thinking Shoppach is a no-brainer. But think about this for a moment: .233 avg, 14 doubles, 2 triples, 8HR, .734OPS, 27RBI in 76 games played this year between the Mets and Boston Red Sox. I get that he is 32, but he has at least three more years left in him and could be a good keep for a low paying three year contract.

The Mets will not pay for a better catcher in the free agent market and I am not even sure if any other catcher in their price range would be any better than Shoppach. If you are still not convinced, Josh Thole had a .234 avg, 15 doubles, 0 triples, 1HR, .584OPS and 21RBI in 104 games. The Mets need a catcher, and they have one right before their eyes.

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Hairston Quality Fourth Outfielder

Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

The biggest need for the Mets is power and a major league outfielder. With Scott Hairston, they have proven to have both. Now I know Hairston has not been considered an everyday outfielder, but he can play the position and he hit 20HR this year. He proved to be a fan favorite and he may be the right-handed bat that could not be provided with that other guy that came from the Red Sox.

What would be the harm in keeping Hairston around for a couple years, even if he becomes a good bat off the bench if somehow the Wilpons hit the lottery and then their heads and decide to spend again? Hairston would be an inexpensive addition for 2013 that will always hustle and could become a veteran leader to keep the pressure off Wright.

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Good, Young Lefties Hard to Find

Kirby Lee-US Presswire

The most fruitful position the Mets have is starting pitching. The one thing they will lack after 2013 is a quality lefty to replace Johan Santana. I do understand that Niese is not Santana in his prime, but when you have a power thrower like Harvey, it would be nice to split him with a finesse lefty like Niese.

Jonathan Niese is the other pitcher this off-season that would be entertained via trade because he has value, but I feel it would be a big mistake to part ways. A starting rotation in 2014 that includes Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Gee and anybody else you would like to plug in would be mighty formidable. So here's hoping that Alderson decides to keep Niese instead of taking his chances with the unknown.