MLB Rumors: Chase Headley to Leave San Diego Padres?

By Jeff Gray

Few players generated more MLB rumors at the trade deadline time in the 2012 season than Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres.  He had a great year and was mentioned often in discussions for possible trades.  Alas, none of that happened and Headley stayed in San Diego.

Now that the season is over, the MLB rumors are swirling again as to the prospects of a trade involving Headley.  Contractually speaking, Headley is in the middle of his deal.  In 2012 he made about $3.5M and looks to about double that next season with the Padres. 

The Padres have said they want to keep the best talent they have.  Headley would certainly qualify for that.  However, there is some talk around the league that now would be the best time, given Headley’s year, to trade him and get back someone(s) of value.

All Headley did this year was hit 31 homeruns (13 in spacious PetCo field), hit .286 and drive in 115 RBI.  That is saying something for a team that struggled to score runs much of the season. 

Now the question is, if the Padres are willing to part with him, what team would be interested in his services and willing to fork over the money that it would require to get him?

There was talk at one time of the New York Yankees being in the discussion for the trade.  Of course, how often, really, aren’t the Yankees discussed in trade?  We also had the Philadelphia Phillies mentioned.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the Cincinnati Reds got involve in possible discussions, what with Scott Rolen getting older and struggling throughout the season with his back.  I know that possible ROY candidate Todd Frazier is right there to assume the mantle at 3rd, but something could easily be worked out with Frazier.  Wouldn’t you like to see Headley hitting in GABP for 81 games? 

Who knows?  That’s part of the fun with MLB rumors, you never know.

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