Will David Wright Sign Long Term With the New York Mets?

By lauraludlum
Anthony Grupusso-US PRESSWIRE

New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson, stated that the Mets are unlikely to go after a big time free agent during the off season, but he did note that the re-signing of David Wright is a priority for the franchise.

Wright is contracted through next season due to an option the Mets will most likely pick up, but they are looking to extend it beyond 2013. Alderson said that he wouldn’t rule out a deal that would lock up Wright for the remainder of his career.

Alderson’s words are definitely nice for Mets fans to hear, but lest we forget that six weeks ago when David said that money would not be the only factor in his decision whether or not to re-sign versus testing out free agency.

Wright wants to know what it’s like to win, and I don’t blame him.

If the Mets want to seal the deal they are going to have to convince David they have some sort of blueprint for success over the next couple of years.  Do they really have that?

While there is a lot of buzz around the starting pitching for next season, there is still so many improvements that need to be made before the Mets will see a post season.   The question is: Will David wait around that long?

Take any fandom you may have for the Mets and put yourself in his situation.  You’re 29 years old, you’re in the prime of your career, the entire baseball world knows you as a great player despite being on a losing team year after year, you play in what is considered by many to be the mentally toughest market in the league, and now you’re forced to make this decision which will ultimate effect the rest of your life.

Do you stay with the team you were brought up with, and the only team you’ve ever known, knowing that winning a championship is most likely not on the horizon anytime soon.  Or do you wait it out for another year then see what you’re options are?

Imagine having to make a decision like that; wanting to make sure you choose correctly so you don’t have to wonder what might have been.

I don’t think this deal is something that is going to be hashed out as quickly as the Mets and the fans wish it to be, but I don’t necessarily think it’s going to get ugly either.  Unfortunately at this point it’s a waiting game, and the only true player is Wright himself.

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