Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington Needs to Act Quickly, Precisely

By Paul Mroczka

Boston Red Sox GM Ben Cherington must act quickly in finding the right manager for the team. The Red Sox fired manager Bobby Valentine less than 24 hours after he took the team to one of it’s worst record in the past 50 years, losing 93 games. In a season that was fraught with turmoil, injuries and disappointment, Boston’s front office often appeared to be paralyzed and when not, they were ineffectual.

The Red Sox are in the hunt for a new manger and that means that this time Cherington must act quickly and precisely. Notice that I said “precisely” and not “decisively.” Of course he has to be decisive, but that’s a given. This time, to ensure he does not make the same mistake he did in hiring Valentine, he has to be precise in finding the right manager for this team—picking someone who has the right attributes.

The new manger of the Red Sox has to be media smart. Boston is a tough town and the media are relentless. The guy also has to be able to manage a team comprised of young talent and vets, making important connections with team leaders such as David Ortiz. He needs to be mentor, a workaholic and a grownup. Finally, he really has to make an immediate connection with Red Sox Nation, the Fenway experience and Red Sox history. He has to care more about the team than anyone else.

Of course, I also said that the GM must be quick in making his decision. Last season, the Red Sox wasted a lot of time in finding the replacement for Terry Francona. They ended up with someone who I thought right from the start was simply a terrible choice. He was indeed a miserable leader of a team that needed the right guy to come in and replace the popular Francona. This time the Red Sox need to get a skipper who can mop up after Valentine, get the ship in order and lead a unified team on to another championship. Does this guy exist?

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