Jason Varitek and Other Former Red Sox as Future Managers

By Paul Mroczka

Jason Varitek, former catcher and captain for the Boston Red Sox, joined the team a few weeks ago as a special assistant to GM Ben Cherington. Over the next year, Varitek is going to learn the front office and coaching ropes. After that what will he do? Well, he may be inline to be the manager of the Red Sox. Many believe that his strong leadership skills, knowledge of the game and ability to connection with players will make him a good one. What other former Red Sox might make fine managers? Here are three more that I like a lot.

Jerry Remy, who played second for the California Angels and the Red Sox, is an exceptionally smart baseball guy. He has been a fixture in the broadcasting booth for NESN’s Red Sox games. He has also done numerous nationally telecast games. He had a bout with lunge cancer a few years back but seems to be fine. Many feel that Remy would be a great manager, but Rem Dawg, as he’s known, seems to prefer the broadcast booth.

Tim Wakefield, the knuckler who spent most of his career with the Red Sox, has an Old Man River personality in that nothing seems to ruffle him. I don’t know how strong a leader he would be, but my feeling is he is one of the strong, silent types who can keep things in control. He’s exceptionally bright and personable and certainly knows the game. He is my dark horse candidate as a future manager.

Gabe Kapler, who has played with numerous teams including the Red Sox and is presently retired, has been thought of as a potential manager for years. Even when he was a player many coaches and other players said that they thought he’d make a fine manager some day. Kapler has a keen intellect and as a player has always been driven to give it his all each and every day.

Who is the most likely of the four to become a future manager of the Red Sox? Varitek makes the most sense in every way. He has the attributes and is interested in another career with the team. He loves Boston and the Red Sox. But don’t expect Tek to be managing this year. Even he admits he has a lot to learn.

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