MLB Rumors: Josh Hamilton Has Played his Last Game with Texas Rangers

By Andrew Fisher

After the late season collapse of the Texas Rangers and Josh Hamilton‘s post-game comments Friday, there’s a real possibility we’ve seen the last of Hamilton in a Rangers uniform.

Talking with reporters after a disappointing loss to end his season, Hamilton certainly didn’t sound like a guy who would for sure be back next season. If he wasn’t already contemplating leaving, the fact that he was booed by Texas fans probably didn’t help anything.

“I always would love to stay here. They understand that. They know that. When we talked earlier in the year, we didn’t get things worked out, so we said we’d wait until the year was over. They obviously get first shot. I told them they’d get first shot at the end of the year. We’ll see what happens.”

Just the way Hamilton came across, I just didn’t see a guy who was sure he’d be back in Texas next season.

Many stars jump teams in the middle of their careers, and this would be a perfect time for Hamilton to do the same.

He’s in his prime and could easily get paid more money, while playing for a contender in another city. Texas seems like a team that’s taking a step back, and Hamilton can get out now.

He said that this will be something that he’ll go home and think about, and that he’s going to need time to reflect on everything.

I have a feeling that he’s going to sign elsewhere. I’ve heard the San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox all as possible destinations. It’s going to have to be a contender with lots of money to be able to sway Hamilton away from the Rangers, but I’m convinced it can be done.

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