Red Sox Nation Will Endure, Be Resurrected and Triumph

By Paul Mroczka

Boston Red Sox fans are known as Red Sox Nation. They are all over the U.S. and the world. The Red Sox fan base has been through amazing disappointments and some great triumphs. I’d be considered a member of Red Sox Nation. I long time fan whose existence is deeply connected to the team. What defines Red Sox Nation is an ability to always find hope and the commitment to being a fan no matter what. Well, I’m here to report but many of us slipped a bit in out commitment to being a nation focused on the happening on Yawkey Way and at friendly Fenway.

I was discussing the Red Sox with a various members of Red Sox Nation (by the way, there are no dues except the hard knocks of being a fan and no formal membership, as it’s based on a state of mind and a commitment of body and soul to the Sox) and I was amazed at how many just stopped watching at some point or another. Many who I know as being lifelong, diehard members stopped watching, reading about and in anyway witnessing the 2012 season in mid-September.

Despite the fact that they could no longer watch the carnage of a team that was run by a manger who was driven to simply destroy any ounce of self-respect the club and Red Sox Nation might still have, these people still cared deeply about the Red Sox. They remained a part of “Red Sox Nation.”

What is Red Sox Nation talking about? They are mainly focused on next year and things that must be fixed for Boston to win another World Series. (Those of Red Sox Nation don’t merely talk of the team being “competitive;” they speak of ultimate triumphs such as winning the championship.)

Specifically, Red Sox Nation wants a solid manager in place soon; deadwood and troublesome players cut loose and some major deals made in the pitching area. There’s hope that some of the young talent will come through next year, that the entire team will have a better attitude and that good health will be maintained.

Red Sox Nation, which witnessed the Red Sox implosion against the New York Mets in 1986; the team’s miracle comeback against the New York Yankees in 2004 and two World Series championships in the first decade of the 21st century, always has hope. Although sometimes, as it is now, it’s not connected to the present, it’s about the future.

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