Chicago White Sox Face Tough Decision With Francisco Liriano

By Evan Crum
Rob Grabowski- US Presswire

When Kenny Williams traded for Francisco Liriano I was a bit skeptical. Trading Eduardo Escobar who was a utility man and very popular on the team didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Williams was trying to catch lightning in a bottle. The Chicago White Sox did catch it for a few games and then the storm went out.

Liriano finished 2012 with a 6-12 record and an ERA of 5.34. That’s not very impressive for a pitcher who a few years back was supposed to be the next big thing for the Minnesota Twins. Combined with the Twins and White Sox he struck out 167 batters in a 156.2 innings.

As far as I can remember Liriano was great for the White Sox on a few occasions. Once when he pitched against his former team and also when he struck out 15 against the Oakland Athletics. Other than that Liriano didn’t do much for the White Sox.

Now Liriano is a free agent. What should the White Sox do? There are a few routes they can take with Liriano. A lot depends on what the White Sox do with other pitchers and there money situation.

The White Sox could re-sign Liriano if he isn’t asking for too much and hope that pitching Coach Don Cooper can work his magic and make Liriano into a great pitcher again. The White Sox can also re-sign him and see if anyone wants to trade for Liriano perhaps for some prospects. One other option the White Sox have is to re-sign him for a year and see how he pitches in Spring Training.

The problem with re-signing Liriano is that the White Sox would be lefty heavy in their starting rotation. It also all depends on if the White Sox can re-sign Jake Peavey and if Brett Myers is interested in re-signing with the White Sox. If Myers does re-sign there is a possibility he would move from the bullpen to the starting rotation.

The money that could be spent on Liriano also could be spent on a third basemen. This is something the White Sox desperately need if the White Sox can’t re-sign Kevin Youkilis.  I will discuss Youkilis and the problem with third base down the road.

I don’t think that Liriano is worth re-signing for the White Sox. I think they can spend their money in better places. The White Sox also have young pitchers in the minors who look like they are ready for that next step.

If Liriano would like to come back cheap then go ahead and re-sign him. If not, than say goodbye to Liriano.

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