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MLB Rumors: For How Long Will Giancarlo Stanton Be With The Miami Marlins?

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It is nice to get a young prospect and bring him to the major leagues and exactly know what you are going to get. For the Miami Marlins, they know exactly what to expect for the next few years with Giancarlo Stanton: 30 home runs and around 80-100 RBI. Stanton has been the lone bright spot for the Marlins that has not made the playoffs since 2003.

The question for the 22-year-old outfielder is how long will he be with the franchise. Stanton is expected to be with the franchise until after the 2016 season. He could test the free agent market prior to the 2017 season. Stanton has been the Marlins’ best player the past two seasons and will deserve any money that a team throws at him barring some kind of incredible drop off. Owner Jeffrey Loria has plenty of time to get an extension done, but will Stanton accept an extension if the club offers it to him?

Stanton has commented on the situation before saying that it will depend what the contract is before he accepts it. Nonetheless, once he is arbitration eligible, Stanton will be getting a huge pay raise.

In just three years playing at the Major League level, Stanton already compiled 93 home runs, 232 RBI, 199 runs scored, 81 doubles and a slash line of .270/.350/.553. His 93 home runs is already in the top 10 ranks in Marlins franchise history.

Stanton will deserved to get paid. He is a great player that is headed for great things. But if Loria balks at an offer for Stanton, you will see him walk out that door onto a team in a bigger market and a better chance at a World Series.

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