MLB Rumors: New York Yankees To Look At Dan Haren This Winter?

By gilgerard

The New York Yankees are going to be active again in free agency this winter, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. I believe when it comes to starting pitchers, the New York Yankees will be in on all MLB Rumors as they are going to need another arm. Let’s face it. CC Sabathia can’t do it all on his own, and I’m still not sold on Ivan Nova. Hiroki Kuroda is not young, and I don’t think the Yankees will bring him back either. Manny Banuelos just had Tommy John surgery so he’s out next year too. That makes the Yankees number 1 contender when Dan Haren hits the open market.

Dan Haren is one of the better right handers in all of baseball, and the Los Angeles Angels are likely going to decline his option (so they can resign Zack Greinke). Haren would fit perfectly in the Yankees rotation, and the lights of New York wouldn’t phase him. He’s pitched in a lot of big games, and if he can stay healthy- he’d be a very solid number 2 option for the Yankees.

The Yankees are always going to be a contender, and it’s a matter of filling holes for them. I know they wanted Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos to step into the rotation but Betances had a bad year and again- Manny will miss the year. The Yankees aren’t going to just sit around and watch teams around them get better. With the emergence of the Baltimore Orioles this year, I think we’ll see the Yankees make a strong effort to improve their roster.

Dan Haren does it all for the Yankees and it would be an outstanding. We’ll see what happens over the winter and we’ll continue to bring you all MLB Rumors as they emerge.

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