Chicago White Sox: Gavin Floyd Can Be So Wicked

By Evan Crum
Dennis Wierzbicki-US Presswire

When someone asks me who has the nastiest curve ball in the MLB I will tell them Gavin Floyd. I then will follow that up with the usual statement “When he’s on for the day.” That’s the way Floyd is. When he is pitching well he is near unhittable. When he’s pitching badly, he is really bad. Floyd has an option year coming up of $9.5 million. Should the Chicago White Sox resign him?

Floyd has been with the White Sox for six years and has never really impressed anyone. In 2012, he had an ERA of 4.29 and he was 12-11. He pitched 168.0 innings and struck out 144 hitters. Like I said these are not very impressive numbers.

Floyd can be very frustrating; he has all the tools to be a dominant pitcher. Yet, look at his numbers, his best year for the White Sox was 2008. He was 17-8 with a 3.84 ERA and pitched 206.1 innings. It wasn’t because of strikeouts. He only had 145 strikeouts one more than 2012.

What happened the following year? Floyd was 11-11 with a 4.06 ERA and only pitched 193 innings. He was near identical to these numbers in 2010.

I think that Floyd will be nothing more than a number five starter and a decent pitcher but not great. His career ERA in six years with the White Sox is 4.20.

I would assume that if Floyd doesn’t get resigned by the White Sox that there will be plenty of teams that want to sign him. You will always find one that will take a chance so he can pitch to his potential. My feeling is if Don Cooper can’t work his magic, then I think Floyd has lived up to his potential.

This will surprise people since I’m far from a Floyd fan. However, I think that the White Sox should resign him. Floyd will always be an enigma with so much talent but what other options do the White Sox have? Let’s take a quick ride in my T.A.R.D.I.S. again.

Remember the 2004 White Sox? Remember when the White Sox didn’t have a true fifth starter? I remember that year, and I don’t want to remember some of those pitchers the White Sox were trotting out to pitch. Pitchers such as Dan Wright, Arnie Munoz, and Josh Stewart, yea remember how great they were? Don’t worry; we are back in 2012 now. We don’t have to relive those days again.

Floyd will always be a frustrating pitcher and White Sox fans have to learn to accept that. White Sox fans just have to take deep breaths and enjoy when he makes a batters knees buckle with that curve. Since sometimes, with Floyd pitching, it will be the fans knees that are buckling.


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