MLB Playoffs: San Francisco Giants Need To Start Tim Lincecum In Game 3

By gilgerard

The San Francisco Giants are hanging by a thread. They were absolutely smoked at home by the Cincinnati Reds are now one game away from elimination. They blew home field advantage and will now have to win on the road if they’re to advance to the NLCS. With that being said, I have some serious questions regarding the decision to NOT start Tim Lincecum in game 3. Look – I’m as aware as anyone when it comes to Lincecum’s season. He was on my fantasy team, and I still don’t really understand how his command went out the window.  To me? That’s out the window now. The regular season is over and the MLB Playoffs are going to go down the wayside by leaving Lincecum in relief.

Tim Lincecum has been one of the best right handers in the game since he emerged from the minors, after being a first round selection out of Washington. He’s won awards, been to all-star games, and won a world series. In my opinion, there is no better guy to start an elimination game because of all that. I would roll the dice with a guy whose been a major reason of recent success for the franchise. He’s had a bad year? Tough. Deal with it. It happens to everyone. Baseball is a funny game and it can ALL turn around with one start. If Lincecum start game 3, and wins it – what will that do to his confidence if the Giants make an incredible comeback?

Look – the season shouldn’t be falling on the arm of Ryan Vogelsong, when you have a healthy and fresh Tim Lincecum ready to go. I don’t like the move, and I don’t think the Giants are setting themselves up to be successful.

I’d roll the dice with a guy that’s gotten the team here time and time again- regardless of his season.

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