MLB Rumors: Putting Josh Hamilton In Their Rearview Is A Good Move For The Texas Rangers

By Bryan Lutz
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It’s safe to assume no baseball player in the past week has had it worse than Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton. Not only did Hamilton’s Rangers choke away the American League West championship, but he was a main reason why they lost when he misplayed a routine flyball against the Oakland Athletics in game 162. For that reason, the Rangers fanbase is ready to move on from their fan favorite, as is their upper management team.

There are MLB rumors spreading that Hamilton wouldn’t even be welcomed back to Texas even if he played for free, so therefore, he’s probably played his last game as a Ranger. There’s one thing that confuses me about all the MLB rumors surrounding Hamilton: why do fans want this guy on their team?

My favorite show on TV is Breaking Bad, and I feel Hamilton is a lot like Walter White in a lot of ways–well, the ways in which Mike Ehrmantraut states. Like Walter White, Hamilton is a ticking time bomb ready to explode. Tick. Tick. Tick. Not only is he a ticking time bomb off the field, he’s also a ticking time bomb on the field as well. It amazes me that fans want to sign a 31-year old outfielder whose skill is totally dependent on his power.

Hamilton isn’t really a good hitter by any means, meaning that his approach is one of the worst in the baseball. In fact, Hamilton led the entire league in swinging strike percentage at 20.0 percent, a full 4.5 percent ver Chris Davis. And the only person who swings more than Hamilton as a whole is Delmon Young, who we should all know by now is a terrible hitter. Basically, if Hamilton was your team’s hitting coach, you would want him fired within a couple of weeks.

Hamilton’s numbers are strictly talent driven, not approach driven. Guys like Adam Dunn don’t really have a lot of hitting talent, but can stay in the league because of their approach (i.e. take walks, work counts, drop bombs). Once Hamilton’s power goes – which it will – he will be a .270/.320/.470/.790 type outfielder. Who in their right minds would want to pay a player like that upwards to $25 million a year?

This week has probably cost Hamilton around $50 million because he has proven once again he is a mental midget. There isn’t a player who needs to be coddled more than Hamilton. And when that coddling is gone, which it sounds it’s going to be, what will happen to him? Will he shrink like he did this season? There’s no way I would want my favorite team to spend around $150 million for a guy who makes Claire Danes’ character in Homeland look stable.

It’s a “Crawford” deal waiting to happen, so why do you want Hamilton playing for your favorite team?

Better you than me.

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