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5 Reasons Milwaukee Brewers Will Win NL Central In 2013

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5 Reasons Milwaukee Brewers Will Win NL Central In 2013


The Milwaukee Brewers (83-79) may have finished the 2012 MLB regular season four games above .500 but they fell far short of expectations. This was a team with high hopes of returning to the postseason and winning their second consecutive National League Central title. The Brewers are determined to use the 2012 season as a learning experience to win the NL Central in 2013.

Injuries and one-run loss games are the main culprits that filled a season with such promise with so much agony. Key positions could not stay healthy and the bullpen could not hold on to leads if their life depended on it. The offense became stagnant at times but Milwaukee’s top hitters did whatever they could to put up enough runs to win games.

As many problems and setbacks the Brewers endured this past year, they were still able to come within striking distance of the second NL Wild Card spot in the last week of the season. This was after the team traded away their top starting pitcher and practically admitted defeat in the first week of August. However, the current players did not want to accept that and kept fighting for their playoff lives.

There are plenty of reasons to believe the Brewers will return better and stronger than ever in 2013. Ask any team in the NL and they will say how grateful they are a team like Milwaukee did not get into the playoffs because that is simply a team nobody wants to play. The following slides are five reasons the Brewers will win the NL Central in 2013.

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#5 Team Chemistry

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Milwaukee won 29 of their last 42 games to almost clinch the second Wild Card spot in the National League. The Brewers may have fallen short of their ultimate goal but they certainly will be carrying a lot of momentum into next season. Since the entire starting lineup should return in 2013, team chemistry will be at an all-time high in the clubhouse. This is a huge reason why the Brewers will be very successful next year.

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#4 Improved Bullpen


The Brewers have no choice but to clean house in the bullpen, as it was the Achilles heel of the team in 2012. If Milwaukee’s relievers could have given just a little bit more of a better effort, there is a good chance the team would be playing in their second consecutive postseason. The only reliever the Brewers will keep is closer John Axford, while the rest will most likely be released or traded. An improved bullpen will do wonders for the team and should propel them back to their former glory.

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#3 Talented Starting Rotation


With starters Yovani Gallardo, Michael Fiers, Wily Peralta, and Chris Narveson returning next season the Brewers should have enough talented pitchers to keep up with the rest of them. Not to mention, an addition of a solid veteran to the rotation will only make this squad better. Milwaukee’s starting rotation had many different moving parts in 2012 due to injuries and trades, but the men who filled the roles did an extraordinary job. The starting five has potential to be one of the more talented squads in the NL Central if not all of baseball.

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#2 Ryan Braun


Ryan Braun followed up his outstanding 2011 MVP season with another phenomenal year in 2012. Braun finished the season batting .319 with 41 home runs, 112 RBIs, 36 doubles, and 30 stolen bases in 598 at-bats. Braun is the single most important reason why the Brewers will be competitive for years to come as he has proven he has what it takes to consistently record big numbers. The slugger is also a main reason why Milwaukee should win their division next season.

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#1 Top Ranked Offense


Milwaukee’s offense finished the 2012 season ranked No. 1 in the league in runs scored (776), home runs (202), RBIs (741), stolen bases (158), and slugging percentage (.437). This top ranked offense has shown no signs of slowing down and should be ranked towards the top again next year. This is the No. 1 reason why the Brewers will win the NL Central in 2013. With an improved pitching staff and similar offense, Milwaukee simply cannot be defeated.