Cincinnati Reds Give Away Win to San Francisco Giants

By Jeff Gray

The Cincinnati Reds were in a very giving mood Tuesday evening as they chose the 10th inning to give a win to the down and out San Francisco Giants by the score of 2-1.  For the Reds, they blew the opportunity to sweep the Giants and put an end to the series.  Now they will have to make some decisions they don’t really want to make regarding their pitching by having to play again tomorrow night.

On Tuesday, the Cincinnati Reds decided to go with Homer Bailey on the mound to finish the Giants off.  It was his best outing outside of his no-hitter this season.  The final line on Bailey was 7 innings pitched, 1 run on 1 hit and striking out 10.  He was just spectacular.  Sean Marshall and Aroldis Chapman were just as spectacular in the 8th and 9th by allowing no hits and striking out 3 of the 6 batters they faced. 

The problem for the Cincinnati Reds came with Jonathan Broxton in the 10th.  After allowing 2 singles and striking out 2, the defense (a calling card for the Reds) just fell apart.  One passed ball and an error by Scott Rolen and the Giants were on their way to a gift-wrapped victory.  “Christmas come early.”

I said at the beginning of the series that if the Cincinnati Reds lose the NLDS it will be because of hitting and if they win, it will be pitching and defense.  Well they got the pitching tonight.  The hitting and defense are what did them in. 

As as team, the Cincinnati Reds left 7 runners on base.  This was the Reds we knew during the last month of the season.  It wasn’t the one in San Francisco that moved runners over, hit with power and were very efficient at the plate.

On the positive side for the Reds, their pitching has held the Giants to scoring 2, 0, 2 runs in the three games played so far.  Clearly, the Reds have the superior staff and that should be the advantage that ends the series tomorrow night, regardless of who they throw.

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