MLB Rumors: Will Kevin Youkilis Remain with the Chicago White Sox?

By Evan Crum
Tim Heitman- US Presswire

Kenny Williams showed how brilliant he was when he traded for Kevin Youkilis. Williams didn’t even have to mortgage the future. The Boston Red Sox would have traded Youkilis for just about anything. All the Chicago White Sox gave up was Brent Lillibridge and Zach Stewart. So will Youkilis stay in Chicago?

Youkilis had a very productive year for the White Sox. When he joined the roster he had an immediate impact. Youkilis and his bat helped the White Sox win games. On July 9th he was even named American League Player of the Week.  In that week he hit .478, had three home runs, and ten RBI’s.

Youkilis indicated he loved being in Chicago in interviews. He said that he loved White Sox fans and enjoyed playing in Chicago. So will the White Sox re-sign him?

It may be best if the White Sox don’t resign Youkilis. Look, I really like Youkilis a lot. I just don’t think that the White Sox need to break the bank to resign him. They can use the money that would be used for Youkilis to resign Jake Peavy. They can also use the money to look at other free agents for third base.

The decision is really up to Youkilis. This is the first time he has been a free agent. He will be 34 next year so this might be his one and only chance at free agency. It might also be his last contract.

Youkilis has a family now and lives in California. This does factor in where he would like to play. Youkilis may also want to play for his hometown Cincinnati Reds for what might be his final contract. However, the White Sox probably won’t offer Youkilis the money that he wants.

Will White Sox fans see #20 again in Chicago? Will they be able to scream the famous “Yoooouuuukkk” chant?

Time will tell, but don’t get your hopes up White Sox fans.

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