2012 MLB Playoffs: Joe Girardi Will Manage Thursday Despite Father's Death

By Ryan Gaydos

Terrible news for New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi Thursday night. In the midst of a playoff run, Girardi’s father passed away Thursday and now the question is whether or not Girardi will be around for Game 4 against the Baltimore Orioles, adding to the drama that is the 2012 MLB Playoffs.

This news is coming after Girardi made a controversial decision to bat third baseman Alex Rodriguez in the No. 3 spot and then in the bottom of the ninth to bench him in place of Raul Ibanez. Ibanez would connect on the home run to die the ball game and the home run to win the game for the Yankees.

At this moment, baseball is second in Girardi’s life. Because he has an obligation to be with his family, it would be completely understandable to put baseball on hold for one game to mourn the loss of his beloved father, who had Alzheimer’s disease.

Girardi, however, credits his father for giving him the toughness that he possesses and nothing is more apparent than at this moment right now. The Yankees are in a big spot and with Phil Hughes on the mound Thursday night against the Orioles’ Joe Saunders, but it is not an automatic win for the Yankees.

It will be another emotional night for the Yankees and now especially so with Jerry Girardi on everyone’s mind.

As for the lineup, Rodriguez is expected to still be in the lineup and Ibanez is still expected to be on the bench.

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