Chicago White Sox: Gordon Beckham Is As Good As Gold

By Evan Crum
Mark L. Baer- US Presswire

Gordon Beckham deserves to be a candidate for Gold Glove at second base and he actually should have a legitimate chance to win it.

Beckham is one of the best defensive second baseman and is one of the most reliable. He played in 149 games this year. The only other second baseman to play more was Robinson Cano.

Beckham batted .234 for the Chicago White Sox this year. He didn’t have a great year offensively, but he never brought his bat to the field. He has become a cornerstone for the White Sox defensively.

Let’s take a look at Beckham’s numbers at fielding. In 149 games, he had a fielding percentage of .990. He only committed 7 errors. Even more impressive was that he led the American League in double plays turned at 110. Those are very impressive numbers.

Will Beckham win the Gold Glove? Probably not, since it’s a popularity contest and it also has to do with offense. Take a look at the past history of Gold Glove winners and there is controversy. For the White Sox, Joe Crede should have won multiple Gold Gloves. Instead, it went to Eric Chavez who, most years, had a better batting average.

How many years did White Sox fans wait for Mark Buehrle to win a Gold Glove? Want more evidence that it’s a popularity contest?

Rafael Palmeiro won the award for great fielding at first base in 1999. What is the issue with him winning the award? He only started 28 games at first base that year. I will let that sink in.

The winner of the Gold Glove will most likely be Cano and he does deserve it. He only committed nine errors and had a fielding percentage of .992, which is spectacular. However, I’m sure if we were able to see the actual voting, one would see Dustin Pedroia as a close second. He only played in 139 games and doesn’t deserve to be in second place, but he had great offensive numbers.

For Beckham, one doesn’t have to look very far to see how important he is defensively. For the White Sox and their fans, he is as good as gold.



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