Should the Mets Keep Existing Infield For 2013?

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

The New York Mets and their fans learned a couple of things throughout the 2012 MLB season.  The first being that their pitching is plentiful and actually pretty good.  The second is the fact that they are a few pieces away from actually being a contender on any level after a complete meltdown after the All-Star break.  Beyond the pathetic outfield play, the poor catching and the spotty bullpen, the Mets did learn one valuable piece of information: They could win with this infield.

Around the diamond, the Mets have a 1B that will hit 30 or more HRs each season, an SS that hits for average and is an above average defender (think Rey Ordonez on steroids), and a 3B that leads all major categories in the Mets record books.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  Daniel Murphy proved that he could be an adequate 2B that can hit over the course of a full major league season.  The Mets fans were worried all year that Murphy would be an embarrassment in the field, and clearly he was anything but.

So where do the Mets go from here?  It would be nice if Sandy Alderson could impress upon the Wilpons that their offer to David Wright is a joke and they might want to do more to keep their franchise player.  I do believe that they will hold onto Ike Davis and try to send Lucas Duda somewhere (possibly Boston) and start to focus on trades that will bring the much needed outfield help.

The Mets need to secure this infield for at least the next four years and allow the group to grow together.  They have more pressing needs that need to be tended to, but it makes it easier knowing that half of your starters are already set, at least for 2013.


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