MLB Playoffs: All Four Division League Series Go Five

By Marc Jenkins
October Baseball, Where Champagne Showers Happen
The Star-Ledger-US Presswire

Over the span of the of the past seven days the Major League Baseball postseason has provided sports lovers with a breath of fresh air along with a home cooked meal plus a raise from work and an early Christmas bonus all in one. Now obviously that was metaphorically speaking, but doesn’t it sort of feel like that’s what was given to us with first the two Wild Card games and then four thrilling Division League Series which all went the full five games.

Each and every night (and day) during the past week there have been drama, suspense, horror, mystery, some comedy and even bromance on diamonds made of fresh cut grass and evenly textured dirt.

Last night both the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals earned hard-fought, series clinching victories in their Division League Series over tough opponents (the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals respectively) just one night following the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants doing the exact same thing versus the Oakland A’s and Cincinnati Reds.

Who would have ever predicted that this would have happened? Who could have written a script where the events which took place over the past seven days happened exactly to the tee? The answer to both of those is no one, not a living sole on earth which is why there is no greater form of entertainment on the face of the earth than this beautiful thing we call sports.

From Raul Ibanez’s historic performance in game three of the Yankees/Orioles ALDS to give New York the 12th inning victory in walk-off fashion after tying the game in the bottom of the ninth to the Cardinals breathtaking four run ninth inning rally going from being down two runs two winning the game by two runs in game five of their NLDS with the National this year’s Division League Series may have just been the best collective round of Major League Baseball that we have ever witnessed. How about the Giants being down to the Reds two games to none following two home losses and then having both the mental and intestinal fortitude to head to Cincinnati and win the next three to take their NLDS or Justin Verlander’s game five four-hit, 11 strikeout shutout versus the A’s to lead the Tigers to the ALCS; simply amazing.

Less than two weeks ago I wrote a piece examining the playoff processes between all four major American professional sports league and voiced my opinion on which one I felt was the best. I still stand by my decision that the NBA has the best process but the MLB has by far the most drama and excitement when it comes to the games and series. After witnessing what has taken place during the DLS round can anyone truly argue with that?

I can’t even imagine or fathom what’s up next in the two League Championship Series, the good thing about it is that there isn’t going to be much of a wait because the Yanks and Tigers kick things off tonight at 8pm!

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