Ex-Mets Closer, Francisco Rodriguez, Arrested Recently for Domestic Violence

By lauraludlum
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It is amazing to me how people like Milwaukee Brewers reliever, Francisco Rodriguez, have so much and yet are still so angry.  In mid-September the former New York Mets closer was arrested for a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend.

The Brewers communication department stated that they are aware of the arrest repost, but had no knowledge of any charges that were filed.

Remember his incident when he was with the Mets?  In 2010, Rodriguez had a similar occurence when he punched his father-in-law at Citi Field after a game.  That episode had more immediate repercussions than this most recent one, as he injured his thumb and had to have season ending surgery.  K-Rod pleaded guilty in that case, and was forced to do a year of anger-management courses.

Clearly they didn’t work.

Even when he was with the Mets, I was not the biggest fan of Rodriguez for both legitimate and some irrational (to some) reasons.  The legitimate reasons are that the first year he was with the Mets he had less than half of the saves he did the year before with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, In the following year he had even less than that, and oh yeah, that whole punching his father-in-law thing.

Then what some would call irrational is the fact that I cannot stand the way he delivers he pitches.  He is entirely too flamboyant on the mound, and it just irked me.

When K-Rod made his way to Milwaukee, he was not initially their closer, and he made it known that he was unhappy about it.  However this year with John Axford not getting the job done, Rodriguez was given the opportunity to close.

At the end of this season Rodriguez will be a free agent who is sitting at 294 saves.  The Brewers have not made it clear if he will stay or go.  Of course I would love to see no team pick him up and have his career end just short of that 300 saves plateau, however I am also thinking that won’t happen.


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