MLB Playoffs: Derek Jeter Fractures His Ankle And Will Miss The Remainder of the Playoffs

By Bryan Lutz
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Game one of the American League Championship Series between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees was pretty terrible for about eight innings. The Tigers were in control, leading the American League East champions comfortably 4-0 heading into the ninth inning. However, Jose Valverede decided to lower his free agent stock even more this upcoming winter, allowing two two-run home runs to Ichiro Suzuki and the Based God that is Raul Ibanez. All of that should have made this game one of the greatest; however, Derek Jeter is now the main storyline after fracturing his ankle in the final inning.

I must admit: I did not watch the rest of the game because I was annoyed on how long the game was going – -being up at 6:30 AM for College Gameday will do that to a person. But from everyone on Twitter, it sounds about as bad as a fractured ankle sounds like. I mean, if Derek Jeter has to get carried off the field for a playoff game, you know something is serious; ergo, it comes as no surprise the word has leaked almost immediately that it is a fracture. In fact, Joe Girardi said it in his postgame presser that Jeter will need three months to heal from the injury.

I cannot imagine the Yankees winning without the captain patrolling shortstop and hitting leadoff. The Yankees without Jeter is like the Beatles with John Lennon; it just doesn’t work. The loss alone after the dramatic comeback hurts the Yankees momentum as is, so I can’t imagine what it will do to the other 24 guys left on the roster.

Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez will be taking the bulk of the time at shortstop, unless Eric Chavez or Alex Rodriguez can turn back time for a few games. So saying it’s a huge downgrade is an understatement.

First  Mariano Rivera, now Jeter. I’m speechless.

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