MLB Rumors: Could Joe Torre Manage The Boston Red Sox?

By Riley Schmitt

Joe Torre has been out of the managing game for a bit but there are talks that he could be back in the fold soon. The MLB Rumors about a possible return to the bench are growing louder by the day and there is one team that could be on his radar. That team would be the ever interesting Boston Red Sox.

The reports about his return did originate in Boston so Torre managing the team would make sense.  They do need to get a new sense of identity and Torre can bring that winning pedigree back to Beantown.  If you have watched them the last two seasons, you know that they need a positive change.

There is nothing substantial about this yet and Torre may decide to stay in the MLB office.  However, I think he would be a good fit for the Sox.  He wins almost everywhere he goes and the team would love to have him.  He would probably want to go to a team that could contend right away.  Boston may be a mess but they do have a lot of talent.

It will be interesting to follow these rumors for the next few months.  If anything comes out about this, it would probably be in December.  The lead up to that time will certainly be fun.  Torre would do a great job wherever he ends up going.

Keep an eye out for more rumors as we move closer to the new year.  We will make sure to keep you posted.


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