John Farrell Addresses Rumors, Reiterates Job Status With Toronto Blue Jays

By Thom Tsang

So, it turns out that the media isn’t quite tired of the whole “Will John Farrell take a job with the Boston Red Sox?” thing just yet. You might think that with numerous pseudo-denials and reiterated commitments to the obvious, that the Toronto Blue Jays can finally move on with their off-season with this distraction behind them…but you’d be wrong.

Let’s do this dance one more time, shall we?

In an interview with MLB Radio over the weekend, the current (and under contract through 2013) manager addressed the rumors once more, decisively cutting off the lifeline to the Red Sox rumors by saying the following:

“I am the manager of the Toronto Blue Jays. That’s where I’ve been for the last two years, that’s where I currently am.”

Wait…he didn’t just flat out say “I’m not interested in a job with the Red Sox”? You mean to tell me that, after weeks of pseudo-commitments made by the team’s management and the Farrell himself, that neither side has still yet to say anything that clearly resolves the rumor?

Okay then.

The one thing that the Blue Jays current manager did clear up – aside from his being currently being the Blue Jays manager – is that if there has been communication between the two teams regarding the vacant position in Boston, he has not been made aware of it by bluebirds GM Alex Anthopoulos:

“Nothing has been communicated directly to me. If the Red Sox have contacted Alex, I’m unaware of that.  Where it stands is what I said, manager of the Toronto Blue Jays.”

You can practically smell the indecisiveness from here.

It looks like that’s the card that John Farrell and the Blue Jays have decided to play. So, the questions will continue to be asked – at least, until the Red Sox finally find their man.

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