MLB Rumors: Could the Chicago Cubs Be Interested In Stephen Drew?

By gilgerard

The Chicago Cubs are going to be in the crosshairs this winter when it comes to MLB Rumors. They can literally go 1000 different ways with their roster, but I’m a believer that this team can spend some right money if they want to, while developing a farm system. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I’m not sold on this team as it is and adjustments have to be made. One of those adjustments? How about this for an idea – sign Stephen Drew and move Starlin Castro over to third base.

Wait, what? Why would the Cubs do that? Well let’s think about this. Does anyone think Josh Vitters is the answer at third? Please be realistic. They don’t have a 3rd basemen coming unless they’re moving Javier Baez there, so they’ll have to spend money on a free agent. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything available unless you consider a trade for Chase Headley to be do-able (I don’t). Starlin Castro is an athlete. He’s quick, has range, a strong arm, but I’m not sure he’s got the baseball smarts to be a stand out shortstop. If that’s the case, I’d rather stick him at third and let him bulk up a little bit, develop some power, and not worry as much about being the leader of the diamond. He’s a young kid, has come a LONG way already in terms of defense, but at the same time – if there’s a guy out there that they could get for cheap and would help the club? Pull the trigger.

Stephen Drew is a hitter. He’s not going to hit 30 homers, but he’s going to put up .285 with 15 bombs 80 RBI, and be a better defensive shortstop than Castro. I’m not sure what his market is going to be this winter, but it could be an option.

This is about making the Cubs better. Remember, Miguel Cabrera came up as a third basemen, moved to the outfield, and then to first as they bulked him up. The theory could make Castro a three-hitter that’s going to go 30-110. It comes down to what is best for the Chicago Cubs. If that’s Castro at short – than so be it; but if it’s to bring in a real proven SS and move Castro to a position the Cubs need to fill…who better than Starlin to do that?

It’ll be interesting to see what the Cubs do over the next few years, but Starlin Castro might not be a SS.

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