MLB Rumors: Could The Rays Trade James Shields to Texas?

By gilgerard

MLB Rumors aren’t in full force just yet, but I anticipate they’ll pick up right after the world sereis ends. I believe the Tampa Bay Rays have work to do with their roster. They need some power (at first base) and they have the pitching to trade. James Shields has been all over the trade rumors market since the beginning of last year so it shouldn’t be a surprise now I’m writing one about him. A team that needs pitching? The Texas Rangers. The great thing about them? They have Elvis Andrus and might be willing to shop him with the emergence of Jurickson Profar.

This would be one heck of a trade, but I’m not sure the Rangers would go for it truth be told. Shields was up and down in 2012, but if they were going to trade Elvis Andrus, they’d want someone a little younger than James Shields. It wouldn’t be the worst trade in the world for them, but I just don’t think the Rangers would “settle” for James Shields. Shields would certainly help the rotation, but does he put them over the top? My thought process is no off the bat, but they’d be majorly improved.

The Rays would benefit greatly from Elvis Andrus. Adding a sparkplug to the top of their lineup would be huge, and would be able to move top infield prospect Hak Ju Lee to second base. That allows Ben Zobrist to concentrate on being an outfielder. The ONLY issue with trading Shields for Andrus? It doesn’t solve the issue of no power behind Evan Longoria. They need to make this a priority and until they do? I fear they’ll still be behind the New York YankeesBaltimore Orioles, and the Boston Red Sox if they improve their team this offseason.

We’ll see what happens, but it should be a pretty darn good offseason for rumors if you ask me.

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