Chicago White Sox: Back In Time With Pitching Playoff Style

Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

With so many people talking about pitching in both the ALCS and the NLCS it had me thinking about a time not so long ago that I want to bring up.

So fire up the T.A.R.D.I.S. and get in the DeLorean. Let’s go back to 2005, specifically October 16th when the Chicago White Sox played Game 5 of the ALCS against the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim.

All right, we are here in beautiful Los Angeles. Remember this night White Sox fans? If the White Sox won they were going to go their first World Series since 1959. Yet, something that seems to be forgotten is that pitching dominance of the entire pitching staff. It seems that only White Sox fans remember the pure dominance.

White Sox starting pitchers beginning with Mark Buehrle threw four complete games, by four different pitchers. This was pure dominance by a pitching staff.

This staff was so dominant that people were saying that if the White Sox were up early in Game 5 that they should pull Jose Contreras so the bullpen could get some work. People were afraid that the bullpen would implode since they hadn’t pitched since Neil Cotts relieved Contreras in Game 1.

Contreras just threw the pitch to Casey Kotchman who hit the ball to Paul Konerko who stepped on first securing the Pennant for the White Sox and sending the White Sox to their first World Series since 1959. Let’s let the team celebrate, and look at the dominance from the pitching staff.

White Sox pitching had an ERA of 2.20 and throughout the five games they only walked four batters. You read that right, four batters in 45 innings. The pitching staff also struck out 22. Those are dominant numbers.

The four complete games by pitchers was something that hadn’t happened since 1956. What team was the last to have four complete games? The New York Yankees when they faced the Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series.

I still don’t understand why this pitching staff isn’t talked about like those Yankees. When there are lists of greatest pitching staffs in the playoffs, for some odd reason the 2005 White Sox ALCS pitching staff seem to be off the majority of lists.

Could it be an East Coast bias? I don’t know, and I really don’t want to get into that argument. I just wanted to take us back in time to show how great this pitching staff was. Next time someone asks about great pitching staffs in the playoffs, be sure to throw the 2005 White Sox in there.

Quickly, back in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and DeLorean because it looks like Carl Everett has spotted us and I don’t want to have the temptation to show him that dinosaurs are real because he might get angry.