MLB Playoffs: The New York Yankees Offense has been Downright Offensive

By Steve Palumbo
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

If the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees were fighting in an MMA match, the team wearing pinstripes would have already tapped out. Yet again, another pathetic offensive display squandered another quality start from a New York starting pitcher; leaving me to wonder how did the well dry up so fast and will the bleeding ever stop?

The Yankees are known for having a juggernaut of an offense. After all, they did lead the MLB in home runs with 245, a .453 slugging percentage and finished second in on-base percentage. So what gives? Why are the “Bronx Bombers” hitting like the “Bronx Bummers?” Does anybody outside of New York realize that the Yanks have only scored in one of the 21 innings played through the first two games of the ALCS? Did I mention that Tigers ace Justin Verlander hasn’t even pitched yet?

The Tigers came into New York in October and embarrassed a franchise used to being the ones doing the embarrassing. The Yanks struck for four memorable runs in the bottom half of the ninth inning in game one to force extra innings. It felt like the mystique and aura was back in the Bronx. But, just like that, a fielding snafu form right-fielder Nick Swisher and a Derek Jeter broken ankle later, all the magic vanished. Gone. Kaput. Poof.

It sounds like I’m being over dramatic. I’m not. Look at these numbers and wince like I do every time I see or hear them mention. Thinking about it is giving me a Mylanta moment. Robinson Cano (regarded by many to be one of the game best hitters) in 2 for 32 and o for his last 26; that’s a major league record for postseason futility.  Alex Rodriquez (ever bodies favorite whipping boy) is 3-for-23 (.130) overall, and 0-for-18 with 12 strikeouts against right-handed pitching. Curtis Granderson is 3 for 26 with 14 K’s. The aforementioned Swisher is 4 for 26 with 8 strikeouts. These numbers do not inspire confidence in me on any level.

Relax, you say. It’s only two games, you say. The Yanks can come back, you say. I say we’ll see about that.

It is an understatement to say the Yankees are in big trouble and it won’t get any easier form here. Detroit throws Verlander on Tuesday and the Yankees are without the captain for the rest of the postseason. Something needs to give and fast. Cano has the talent and the bat to carry his team back into this series or is it already too late? History says it is. Nineteen of 22 previous teams to take a 2-0 lead in the ALCS have advanced to the World Series, and the most recent club to overcome the deficit was the 2004 Red Sox, who did it against the Yankees by digging out of a 0-3 hole.

History has a funny way of slapping us back into reality, doesn’t it? I’ve always heard that it’s not over until the fat lady sings, then again, the fat lady never could hit the curve. Let’s hope the Yanks can or this could be a very lopsided and short ALCS and nobody wants that….right?


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