MLB Rumors: Could Alex Rodriguez Be Traded To Miami Marlins?

By Ryan Gaydos
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

It is no secret that New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is struggling mightily in the postseason. After this season, Rodriguez would still be owed more than $100 million for the rest of his contract that runs out in 2017. With Rodriguez struggling, could it be that the Yankees eat a big part of his contract and trade him to a team that could use him like the Miami Marlins?

The Marlins have a bit of a third base conundrum and with recent big name acquisitions like Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle in the past year, it would not be a shocker if the Marlins seek out Rodriguez, who grew up in Miami.

Rodriguez has taken the heat from everybody in New York from the likes of the daily media all the way to outspoken entrepreneurs like Donald Trump. A change of scenery would do Rodriguez some good rather than harm him. The Miami media is not as rough or as in the spotlight as New York media are.

The roadblock in the way of any potential Rodriguez trade is his humongous contract. The Yankees would probably have to pay at least $90 million if not more for anyone to take a load like Rodriguez onto its payroll.

Plus, Rodriguez has not played a full season or close to it since 2010 when he played 137 games. Rodriguez has been hampered by old age, a hand injury in 2012 and a torn meniscus in 2011. Playing in the National League, Rodriguez would not be able to play as the designated hitter.

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