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MLB Rumors: Paul Beeston To Stay On As Toronto Blue Jays President?

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

It looks as though the head honcho of the Toronto Blue Jays will be staying around for a while longer.

According to a report from earlier today, the team may be near a new deal with president and CEO Paul Beeston, which will see the 67-year old continuing to oversee the club for at least two more years. If you were to ask Beeston himself, however, he’d probably just tell you the deal is just a formality:

“I don’t buy into contracts, if I do my job, I do my job, if they want to get rid of me, they get rid of me, if I want to leave, I leave. Simple as that. It’s on a day-to-day basis, and I expect to be here Nov. 1.”

As you might already know, the team has a policy of not disclosing the details of its employee contracts – something that has almost exacerbated the rumors surrounding the future of manager John Farrell. In this case, sticking around for this long probably wasn’t in Beeston’s plans initially, but the Blue Jays have seemed to find a way to keep him around over the years. Beeston was the team’s very first employee, eventually presiding over the championship clubs during the Blue Jays’ heyday (and eventually downfall), stepping down in 1998 and making his return engagement as the interim president in 2008, when Paul Godfrey stepped down from the role. The team then asked him nicely to remove the interim part of his job title, so he did.

Now, four years after he decided to take on the task of guiding the Blue Jays franchise to prominence, it looks like Beeston will be around for the long haul after all. The new jerseys this year were a nice touch, and you might even say that the hiring of Alex Anthopoulos as the team’s general manager was a pretty smart move too. That said, there’s still much work to be done for Beeston and Anthopoulos before this project is eventually handed off to someone else.

That plaque on the Level of Excellence at the Rogers Centre has to count for something, right?