MLB Rumors: The Nationals To Lock Up Edwin Jackson?

By gilgerard



The Washington Nationals had a great season, but had a really bittersweet ending. With that said, this team is going to be around for awhile and teams should be prepared for that. MLB Rumors likely will continue to fly about the Nats pursuing big named free agents, but the one guy they should be taking care of is Edwin Jackson. As of right now, they don’t seem like they’re in a real hurry to sign him, but they should be.

Edwin Jackson is starting to come into his own as a big league starter. He’s always had the stuff, but he’s never learned how to pitch. He’s done a good job over the last few years and I think it would make sense for the Nationals to give him a 3-4 year deal worth about 12 million a year. He’s going to give you innings, win you 14 ball games, and strike out 175 guys. Those are the facts and frankly- why not sign a guy like that to be the 4?

We all know Stephen Strasburg is going to back in 2013, and hopefully- they don’t limit his innings. Edwin Jackson is going to provide a solid compliment to Gio Gonzalez and Jordan Zimmerman and should be able to solidify the back end of the rotation. Jackson has said he wants to resign so I expect something to get down before he hits the open market. I could see a ton of teams looking into his services so if the Nationals want him, they should pounce now.

We’ll see what happens over the winter, but the Nationals shouldn’t let this guy go. I have a feeling he could be a break out candidate in 2013.

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