2012 MLB Playoffs: Derek Lowe Knows What Is Like To Be In A Hole

By Ryan Gaydos
John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Down 0-3 to the Detroit Tigers, the New York Yankees have no hope. There is not an ounce of leadership in that locker room that could help the Yankees come back from this deficit because no one in the club house has been giving the team any motivation to perform out on the field. It is time somebody should. That somebody is Derek Lowe.

Lowe is the only current Yankee that knows how to rally behind a 3-0 deficit. Lowe was on the 2004 Boston Red Sox that came back against the Yankees in the American League Championship Series. He got the win in Game 7 of the series.

Lowe offered the New York Daily News some insight on how to come back from an impossible predicament.

“Obviously, it can be done. But you have to simplify things and not go down Negative Lane and worry about where you might be tomorrow. It can happen, but you have to think small. It’s obviously hard because it’s happened only one time in the history of baseball.”

The Red Sox went on to win the World Series that year, the team’s first since 1918.

A difference between the current Yankees and the ’04 Red Sox is that in the first three games in the 2004 series, the Red Sox had 30 hits total. For the current Yankees, only 20 hits and a total of five runs is powering the offense. A total opposite team.

The team needs to look at Lowe and learn from the stories that he has to tell. With CC Sabathia pitching in Game 4 and Andy Pettitte lined up pitch in a possible Game 5, there is no reason why the team couldn’t pull it together to make the Tigers feel uneasy.

The hitters need to hit as well. There is something that needs to be corrected. Whether its just apathy or mechanics, somebody has to find their groove in the beginning stage of the game rather than trying to comeback in the ninth inning.

Another thing the Yankees are not having is fun. The dugout looks very testy and understandable because no one is hitting but someone has to get the chins of the players up. It is a very spread out locker room and that is the difference in what Lowe’s 2004 Red Sox team was, which he described as the “funnest team I ever played on.”

Lowe said he just wish he was able to start Game 4 and Game 7 to be part of it.

The ‘idiot’ atmosphere that the Red Sox produced in ’04 is something that the Yankees have to replicate off the field but they need to do business on the field like Boson did. So far, none of it has happened.

Game 4 is their last chance.

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