Cy Young Candidate R.A. Dickey to Have Surgery Tomorrow

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE


The New York Mets star pitcher, R.A. Dickey, tweeted that he will be having surgery tomorrow. 

 The small surgery he’s talking about is to fix an abdominal tear which he suffered all the way back on April 13 in a game against the Philadelphia Phillies.  Fans didn’t even learn of this injury until Dickey’s last start of the season when he admitted the tear felt like it worsened.  Though he still went on to pitch that game.

Dickey showed absolutely no signs of an injury as he had the best year of his career.  Winning 20 games for the Mets for the first time since Frank Viola did it in 1990, Dickey completely dominated on the mound.  His 20 wins  are second in the league to Gio Gonzalez’s 21 wins.  R.A.’s 20 wins also could have easily been 25, if the Mets decided to hit the ball from time to time.

Dickey led the league with 230 strikeouts, and his 2.73 ERA puts him behind only Clayton Kershaw.

While no knuckleballer has ever won the Cy Young award, this has got to be the year.  Dickey’s season was nothing short of amazing, even while being on a team that couldn’t have been any further from it.  He made even the best hitters in the league look silly at the plate.  He captured the hearts of baseball fans all over the country as well; Everyone wanted to watch him pitch.

So good luck to you tomorrow, R.A. Dickey, and may the first heavy object you lift post surgery be the Cy Young award.

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